Hip Hop Wieners All Beef, No Chicken

Welcome to the fun loving, light-hearted Peanuts & Corn experience. In yet another coupling of the Break Bread roster, Fermented Reptile’s Pipi Skid teams with Park-Like Setting's John Smith for a party-jamming record that is one third humour, one third serious commentary and a final third dedicated to responding to internet hostilities and beefs. Rumoured to have been recorded over a weekend of Jagermeister consumption, Hip Hop Wieners is an inspired combination, creating great results such as the anti-cologne rant "You Smell Awful” and the instructive better business manual "Suge Knight.” There are also some nice solo jams, with battle-ready scorchers "Hip Hop Sloth” (parts one and two), Pipi's ode to the nearly extinct "Audio Cassette” and Smith's "Ain't That Hard to Bite,” the track that inspired much of this insanity. That last song, along with "Run and Hide” and "Being Broke (Fantasy Remix),” allows Smith and Pipi to get crunk-ified thanks to some Dirty South production from mcenroe. And, as always, mcenroe has upped his game yet again, creating mostly mid-tempo beats that will have the nation fiending for another of his all-too-infrequent instrumental projects (check the recent re-release of Billy's Vision for a fine example). He also drops some guest vocals, appearing on "Suge Knight” and the requisite P&C posse cut "Studio Time.” Gruf, Fermented's other half, and Birdapres, the newest P&Cer, both make two fine guest appearances each, while Gumshoe Strut, Yy and the Goods also come correct on the posse cut. All Beef, No Chicken is the most fun you can have with Peanuts & Corn since they released DJ Moves and Birdapres’ Alleged Legends last year. (Peanuts & Corn)