Hip Club Groove Unreleased & Rare

Halifax, NS hick-hop trio Hip Club Groove called it quits after only two albums. Cheklove went into acting and is better known for his role as Cory on Trailer Park Boys, while beat boxing rapper Mackenzie and producer/DJ Moves found short term fame as members of one-hit-wonders Len (see "Steal My Sunshine"). Moves remains musically motivated, but the rumoured reunion seems less and less likely. However, "Paper," featuring new, next level rhymes from the reinvigorated rappers over a classic Moves beat from 1995, offers some signs of hope. Sure, the two-part "The Blunt Sessions" may be little more than stoner filler and the few live freestyles are primarily curiosities, but the rest of this collection is awesome. The songs date back to 1991 and feature original members Sixtoo and Gordski, as well as contributions from Stinkin' Rich, offering a rare glimpse of the early vocal styling of the artists now known as Speakerbruiser Rob and Buck 65, while Gordski's show stealing, oddball raps on "Hard Rhymes in the Maritimes" and his Son Doobie imitation on "Word 2 the Baker" prove he's not just the producing half of the Goods. The older songs provide the funky party jams while the newer songs are more serious, mellow and intricately built. The sound quality varies drastically from song to song, sure, but that does little to decrease any renewed hope offered by "Paper." Fingers crossed this won't be the last time we hear the Groove. (Low Pressure)