Himuro Mild Fantasy Violence

Japan’s Yoshiteru Himuro has a vision that isn’t unlike his other countrymen Cornelius and Buffalo Daughter. He enjoys melding his electronic soundscapes into a colourful collage that also invites influences such as pop, hip-hop, psych and video game noises to participate. His knack for scattering snippets of sound across a slab of IDM is both jarring and delightfully amusing, as he moves in a number of directions to avoid the deadly pigeonhole a lot of these over-enthusiastic artists fall into. Both "Eat All” and "The Cracks in Your Monita” travel into Boards of Canada’s darker territories, bubbling and bouncing through a shadowy psychedelic zone that luckily never crosses into the bleak dark-side. The wonderful title track is reminiscent of another Warp act, the long lost but not forgotten Plone, with its amiable childlike synth and simple melody. The only slip-up that tends to cause an unwanted disturbance over the course of Mild Fantasy Violence is the aptly titled "Button of Reset.” As its title suggests, it is constructed largely with the sounds of Nintendo and Sega as its muse — something many people never need to hear ever again in music. With the skip button at close range, Himuro has designed a highly enjoyable album from start to finish that keeps the Japanese imprint of "playtronica” alive and well. (Zod)