Hiltmeyer Inc. Sendling 70

Hiltmeyer Inc. is German producer Alex Andre Hoffman, a new kid on the block who has found a home in a few DJ crates since he began issuing singles a few years back. Otherwise, he’s a stranger outside of his hometown of Munich. Apparently, before he was a producer, he was a dope dealer. Whatever he is, his debut album on Gomma is one solid piece of work. Sendling 70 is comprised of ten tracks that sound somewhere beyond Metro Area’s retro-futuristic disco and just short of the Get Physical Crew’s jacked electro-house. In its reliance on the beat and just the necessary extras, the album is derisively minimal, but in a way that manages to accentuate its lean funkiness. And it’s addictive! Tracks like "Pornhaus” and "Finalahh” may not catch you the first time round, but several listens in and Hiltmeyer is all you can think about. Sendling 70 technically qualifies as one of electro-house’s first forays into full-length albums, so it will serve as an introduction to the genre for a number of people not obsessive about collecting vinyl. But they could do much worse. As it stands, this is one of the stronger debuts to hit shelves this year. (Gomma)