Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa ON, February 4

HilotronsRitual Nightclub, Ottawa ON, February 4
Photo: Calum Slingerland
With a new full-length record waiting in the wings for release later this month, Ottawa's own Hilotrons served up some new cuts of their danceable, genre-transcending pop music for the late-night Megaphono crowd. Led by the keyboard wizardry and vibrant vocals of bandleader Mike Dubue, the five-piece had the crowd up and moving to their forthcoming album cuts, including the jerky "Tackle the Strand" and the slinky "Real Game Changer." Dubue also dug back deeper into the band's repertoire to bring out "Science Fiction Music," "Venus At Your Back Door" and a decidedly more rocking version of "Animal, Master."
The performance ultimately upped the anticipation for the upcoming To Trip With Terpischore, with the band's enviable musicianship on full display. Synth player Adam Saikaley kept busy adding sonic flavour of his own while guitarist Alex Moxon picked his way through some interesting six-string accents. Drummer Pascal Delaquis was as precise as ever with his sticks, while Philippe Charbonneau was able to fight through some technical difficulties and hold down a strong low end. 
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