Hills Like White Elephants Hills Like White Elephants

Add another band to the mini-buzz emanating from Edmonton, AB. With this debut EP, and first release on the Edmonton-centric Champion City label, these Hemingway-loving indie kids prove they have a vibrant and varied sonic palette to work from. The songs aren’t the tightest but sometimes the talents come together in the right way to prove that good things are definitely in the works. Take "Hell’s Coming With Me,” which is a bit of a slow-builder, as the vocals and rough guitars give rise to a nicely layered climax. Yet the song then totally implodes, as things fall apart in a fug of chaos. It lasts for about 30 seconds but that’s enough to grab attention. "Paper Tigers” is another slice of indie pop that also slowly adds on the layers of instruments, like the ever-so-lovely violin, before exploding with a post-punk tempo and sharp guitars. Really, it seems like you never know where you’re going to go with this band and that will either entice you or annoy you. Hopefully it will entice, as there’s something going on here. (Champion City)