High on Fire Line Up Deluxe Vinyl Reissues

High on Fire Line Up Deluxe Vinyl Reissues
Though they just released their two-volume Spitting Fire Live in June, Bay Area metal bruisers High on Fire have revealed they have a few vinyl re-releases on the way this summer as well.

 On July 23, Relapse is set to issue three limited-edition double LPs from the band's vaults. This includes 2002's Surrounded by Thieves, 2005's Blessed Black Wings and 2007's Death Is This Communion, which was the group's final full-length for the imprint.

While there doesn't appear to be any additional material on the represses, each album will be housed in a gatefold cover and be issued on two separate colours of wax.

Surrounded by Thieves will be delivered in a pressing of 998 copies on aqua blue vinyl, as well as a mail-order-only run of 598 on green and orange split vinyl. Blessed Black Wings will arrive in a pressing of 981 on purple opaque vinyl, with the mail-order version limited to 596 on green and orange split vinyl. Finally, Death Is This Communion drops in a pressing of 997 on red vinyl, with the mail-order pressing weighing in at 595 copies on green and orange split vinyl.

You can order all variations now over here.

As previously reported, guitarist Matt Pike will be taking some time off due to knee surgery, but has plans to work on an "amazing" new project during his downtime.

"I have some ideas and we're about to get together and figure out what direction to take," Pike recently told Exclaim! "I have in mind it will be a very big project and it's going take a little while to make, but it's a very good idea and I can't elaborate on that. But it's going to be totally amazing and I think people are really going to love it. It needs to progress a little farther though, because it's an embryo right now, so it needs to be spiced up and cooked."