High Kicks Yellowhead Brewery, Edmonton AB, October 12

High Kicks, the Calgary bass and drums combo of Matt Doherty and the Dudes' Dan Vacon, were in for a challenge following up the spirited hard rock of Black Thunder. It's the nature of a two-piece group: work twice as hard to elicit the same response, even when it's only just rock'n'roll.

Vacon did his best to win the crowd over with his punchy, fuzzed-out bass and showman theatrics, distinct bluesy vocals cutting through and sailing overtop Doherty's vivacious moves on the drums. It's nothing new and they'd agree — Vacon took a moment to praise Edmonton act Whitey Houston for serving as a framework for High Kicks — yet their humour and sense of fun made it all the more exciting. What kind of band would pull out a hilarious cover of Celine Dion's "I'm Your Lady" for a crowd who had clearly skipped out on Thanksgiving dinner yet found their meat and potatoes standing in front of them?