Hidden Towers "Gleaming the Cube" (video)

Hidden Towers 'Gleaming the Cube' (video)
If clowns or mimes make you uncomfortable, then you're likely to be a little creeped out by "Gleaming the Cube," the new music video from Vancouver heavy music makers Hidden Towers.

This cut from Olympus Mons is a dramatic track that draws on metal and psych-tinged space rock and culminates in a brass-aided crescendo. The accompanying Rhys Lillo-directed video is a glimpse into a love triangle featuring some kooky characters.

Lillo explained in a press release, "A mime couple reach a critical turning point in their relationship when the mime comes home to find his wife in the throws of passion with a rodeo clown. The wife leaves the mime for the rodeo clown and he degenerates into a frightening mess."

This drama is intercut with some live performance footage, and you can check it out all below.

Olympus Mons is out through Defiled Under: Music