Hidden Dead Weather Tracks Discovered on Sea of Cowards Vinyl

Hidden Dead Weather Tracks Discovered on <i>Sea of Cowards</i> Vinyl
Everybody loves a good mystery, especially Mr. Jack White, progenitor of all that is antique, analog and anomalous. That's probably why he's gone ahead and recorded and pressed secret tracks into the inner label on the limited-edition pressing of the Dead Weather's new album Sea of Cowards. The tracks are short, obviously, and can only be heard on the two-colour limited edition of the album, as shown in the video below.

White's totally rad move is, as far as we can tell, unprecedented, but follows in the tradition of backward messages, CD hidden tracks and the etching of messages into vinyl by bands like Beck, Black Flag, the Clash, Nirvana and Fugazi.

But "Best Vinyl Etching" award, in our opinion, goes to Minor Threat for their "Out of Step" single. Side A featured the question "Why did the punk cross the road?" scrawled into the vinyl, while Side B answered "Because Ian told him to."

A list of albums and singles with messages etched into the vinyl can be seen here, courtesy of Public Collectors.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the Dead Weather heads-up.