The Hidden Cameras "Gay Goth Scene" (video)

The Hidden Cameras "Gay Goth Scene" (video)
This year, the Hidden Cameras began selling their "Gay Goth Scene" 7-inch single at shows, but neglected to release the track digitally. They promised that a music video would follow, and sure enough, it has now arrived.

The song is a dramatic, string-assisted pop tune that's anchored by singer Joel Gibb's urgently crooned refrain. It has apparently been popping up in the band's live sets since 2002.

In the video, we see a cast of characters looking very chilly in the snowy countryside before those same folks show up in a harrowing tale of high school bullying and peer pressure. It was directed by Kai Stänicke.

The track was recorded by Do Make Say Think's Ohad Benchetrit and features backing vocals by Mary Margaret O'Hara. It will appear on the Hidden Cameras' next album, AGE, which is due out in early 2014 through Outside Music.

A press release notes, "'Gay Goth Scene' — in both song and film — is a tragic love story foreshadowing the tone and theme of the Hidden Cameras' upcoming album AGE."