The Hidden Cameras 'Age' (album stream)

The Hidden Cameras'Age' (album stream)
Having not released an album since 2009's Origin:Orphan, Canadian pop collective the Hidden Cameras are finally back with a new album. Age is due out on January 21 through Evil Evil/Outside Music, and it's available to stream in advance at

The collection's eight songs feature ultra-dramatic, ornate arrangements. "Skin and Leather" moves from lush vocal harmonies to a theatric baroque rock pulse, while "Bread for Brat" is slower and sparser with its string-driven orchestrations. Elsewhere, the single "Gay Goth Scene" takes a more pop-friendly approach of sinister drama, "Afterparty" has a spooky dub reggae groove, and "Year of the Spawn" caps off the album by swelling some quiet atmosphere to a cinematic crescendo.

The Hidden Cameras are playing a few Canadian shows next month. See their schedule here, and stream Age, which is available to pre-order on iTunes here, below.

UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.