Hi-Five/Pin-ups! Hi-Fives/Pin-ups!

In their early days, it was not unusual for Toronto’s Pin-Ups! to play upwards of three covers of Hi-Fives songs (or songs by their earlier incarnations like the Ne’er Do Wells or Brent’s TV). They must be cloud-nining it now, appearing side by side on the same slab of wax with their absolute favourite band. The release is even on Hi-Fives bassist Steve Faine’s label. Go Zombie did a neat thing by alternating bands so that you can’t just listen to the Hi-Fives side, as sometimes happens when you’re not big into, or not familiar with, one of the bands. The Pin-Ups! chip in with originals Me2=U and All She Needs, while the Hi-Fives’ contribute two tracks exclusive to this release — Sometimes, and a cover of the Beatles’ Misery. (Go Zombie)