Hey Mother Death Sign to Paper Bag for 'Highway' Re-release

Hey Mother Death Sign to Paper Bag for 'Highway' Re-release
Last year, bilingual duo Hey Mother Death — composed of Paris' Laurence Stelka and Halifax's Denma Peisinger — followed their self-titled debut EP with a limited release of their 2014 Highway full-length. The record clearly caught the ears of Paper Bag Records, who have signed the band and announced a proper release.

The four-song record will arrive on hand-numbered vinyl, as well as on CD, on July 7 via the label. Paper Bag calls the release "a dubwise, spoken word album embedded with deep soul and cinematic overtones," adding, "This is a layered piece of music that grew over time and distance."

In our review of the album, we said, "Strelka has a smouldering inflection in her voice that bridges the gap between Jane Birkin and Nico, while the instrumentals, marked by minimal drum programming, droning synth leads, sparse, jazzy bass lines and fractured, delayed guitar distortion, would perfectly soundtrack many films by David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky."
To celebrate the album's impending release, its title track has been treated to a new video from director JF Julian. Watch the clip below.


1. Highway
2. The Hills
3. Bad Sex
4. Snake Power