Hey Mother Death

Fort Massey United Church, Halifax NS, May 23

Hey Mother DeathFort Massey United Church, Halifax NS, May 23
Photo: Eric Hill
If the cool and sophisticated spy thriller you were scoring required a sexy electro-jazz song about "Snake Power," you might consider contacting Hey Mother Death to supply it. The Halifax/Paris duo delivered their slithering ode to sun-basking, skin-shedding serpentine energy and many other forms of ardour via digital rhythm programs that they accompanied on bass and keyboards.
Main vocalist Laurence Strelka delivered a kind of classic theatricality, as her speak-sung French beat poetry toed the fine line between moody and mawkish. They picked a distinct style and stuck with it, with a low-key iciness and stagy battles over fx knobs, there was a bounce that found the far reaches of the room. Snake power? Death power? Retro-futurist power? Check all three.
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