Hey Mercedes Loses Control

While it may be impossible to listen to a Hey Mercedes record without allowing the ghosts of Braid to creep into the thoughts of the listener, Loses Control is the band’s furthest step yet away from their notorious roots. A gorgeous sounding record, the care that has gone into guitar tone alone on this record is outstanding. From the subtly reverberated vocals to the deep thickness of the bass lines, this is a record that makes for an enjoyable listen even on a pure aural aesthetic level. The songs here are, at times, a world ahead of past Hey Mercedes efforts, such as the powerful "Knowing When to Stop.” Still, a few seem to recycle old ideas in an uninspired fashion. Bob Nanna, lead singer and guitarist for the band, retains the distinct delivery that has defined each of his musical endeavours, though the effect applied to his voice throughout this record give the melodies a very ethereal quality unique to this release. While the songwriting on Loses Control may have its ups and downs, there is no denying the incredibly engaging nature of its sound and atmosphere. (Vagrant)