Hexes & Ohs NXNE, Toronto, ON June 17 to 21, 2009

Don Henley doesn't get enough respect. Drumming and singing calls for an exigent fusion of melody and rhythm. Hexes and Ohs co-vocalist/drummer, Edmund Lam began his band's slot behind the kit struggling to keep time while tossing off vocal lines. Things got exponentially better when he stepped up front, guitar in hand, though not before a mid-set laptop hiccup begat a douche-chills-inducing pause. However, Lam and cohort, Heidi Donnelly, righted the listing ship, stretching out their sound with "Looking to Fight's" beefy guitar and throbbing bass. A collection of opaque dance tracks followed. Redemptive standout, "Whadaya Know" epically simmered and popped, finally eschewing most memories of an arduous beginning.