Hetero Skeleton En La Sombra Del Pàjaro Velludo

Hailing from Finland, Hetero Skeleton play free jazz as heard through the Load Records blender. In other words, the sound of Sightings jamming with Ornette Coleman would not be far off from the monstrous skronk’n’sax jams found on En La Sombra Del Pàjaro Velludo. Divided into two sections, the record is surprisingly cohesive. "La Oracion Del Muerte” takes up the first three tracks and applies a thick layer of tinny distortion and blast-beats to the band’s free-jazz approach. "El Serpente Del Amor,” the record’s second half, takes a more controlled approach with increased start-stop dynamics and moments of subdued rumbling. In doing this, the record leaves room for open spaces and avoids the common pitfall of non-stop abrasion that plagues most noise records. Combined with their penchant for diverse instrumentation, En La Sombra Del Pàjaro Velludo is an even-handed approach to noise that catapults Hetero Skeleton far beyond their peers. (Load)