Hermosa Drive Anomaly

Apparently, Hermosa Drive really, really like Poison The Well. Thankfully, they’ve been focusing on Opposite of December, and this record kicks you in the teeth with the same intensity as that record did the first time around. Hermosa Drive may be six years too late, but they make up for their truancy by blending in more straight-up capitol "M” metal influences and even throwing in a little bonus melody here and there. These are the moments that distinguish Hermosa Drive and allow them the opportunity to shine as their own band with their own sound. The riffs on this EP can range from mosh-ready chugs to squealing Van Halen-esque moments of virtuosity, and the transition between these two styles sounds as smooth and natural as any band could muster. It’s not Poison The Well, but frankly, even PTW aren’t themselves these days. (Grave9)