Herman Rarebell Too Late for Peace

Containing members from Third Degree as well as Poland’s newest big-name exports, Antigama, Herman Rarebell look back to the grind and thrash of days past, blasting through 15 songs in a stealthy 18 minutes. The disc includes two classic Napalm Death covers as well as a take on Doom’s "Rags to Rich’s,” pinpointing two of their major influences while speaking to an individuality that eludes most grind acts. Their style is akin to the latter’s penchant for pummelling malevolence anchored in an old school punk rock spirit, adding a hint more groove and some of the puzzling manoeuvring that has put Antigama on the map. The relentless fire and fury with which this record proceeds remains consistent, never giving into random, useless quirks and quacks that seem to be characterising their equivalents on this side of the pond. The production quality lends itself to all of the instruments, each layer distinguished and translating independently while in concert with the other elements texturing their sound. Considering they’re adeptly keeping the spirit of grind alive, you should probably do yourself a favour and check it out. (Selfmadegod)