Here's Jack White Looking Angry at a Baseball Game

He was snapped at a Los Angeles Dodgers game
Here's Jack White Looking Angry at a Baseball Game
Photo: David James Swanson
Grumpy Jack is back! Jack White previously got turned into a meme for looking angry at a baseball game, and now it's happened again. This time, he has been captured glowering during a Los Angeles Dodgers game.

Reddit user milesdaguy posted the below photo of White (which was apparently taken by the poster's friend). It's unclear if Jack is mad about the score of the game (since the home team lost 5-3 to the Cardinals) or if he's mad about his photo being taken, but he's giving the camera a serious side-eye.
Jack White at dodger stadium today from r/jackwhite

White is touring in support of his eclectic 2018 album Boarding House Reach, which is why he's currently in California. He just booked a set of fall dates across Canada, so please don't take a photo of him at a Calgary Flames game or anything like that, unless you want to get glared at.

White's custom baseball bat was recently placed in the Baseball Hall of Fame.