Here's Dave Grohl's Hilarious Christopher Walken Impression

Here's Dave Grohl's Hilarious Christopher Walken Impression
Never one to shy away from giving Foo Fighters fans a good chuckle or two, Dave Grohl is once again showing off his comedic chops, this time via a pretty hilarious Christopher Walken impression.

In a recent interview with Radio X, Grohl recounted the tale of Walken introducing Foo Fighters for their 2003 performance on Saturday Night Live. As Grohl tells it, the famed actor approached him before the show to find out exactly how to pronounce "Foo Fighters."

As Grohl explained, "And we know who he is. We know how he speaks. And we said, 'Uh, the accent is on 'Fighters,' actually.'"

This soon leads Grohl to show off his over-the-top Walken impression with an exaggerated, "Ladies and gentlemen, Foo Fightuhs."

You can watch the interview for yourself below, where you'll also find that SNL performance, complete with Walken's actual introduction.

Foo Fighters' latest album, Concrete and Gold, is out now.