Hercules and Love Affair Dub New Album Blue Songs, Set Tentative Release Date

Hercules and Love Affair Dub New Album <i>Blue Songs</i>, Set Tentative Release Date
Dancefloor fillers Hercules and Love Affair completed their sophomore album back in the spring, and since then we've been eagerly anticipating more details to emerge about the project. Now, finally the album has been given a title and a tentative release date of January 2011.

In an interview with Omg Blog [via Pitchfork], band mastermind Andy Butler revealed that the record would be called Blue Songs. In addition to being the name of one of the new songs, Butler said, "It is the strangest, most unusual piece of material on the whole record. So I just wanted to draw attention to that. And, you know Kevin, I want to draw attention to the fact that I am a songwriter outside of just, you know, 'Boom! Boom! Boom!'" He added that the track is "kind of cosmic disco" and sounds like "Disney music or something."

Other tracks on the album are reportedly in the same pop disco vein as the band's debut. This includes "Step Up," which was recorded with already-announced collaborator Kele Okereke from Bloc Party. Butler said, "It's a really fun pop house track. It's probably the pop-iest song on the whole album and it evokes '90s Londonbeat, Black Box, that kind of thing." See a live performance of the track in the video embedded below.

As previously reported, Hercules and Love Affair are currently in the middle of a brief North American tour. You can read our review of the recent Toronto stop here.