Hercules and Love Affair Begin Their Next Romance

Hercules and Love Affair Begin Their Next Romance
With a mega-successful debut now firmly in the bag, Hercules and Love Affair are setting their sights on album number two.

In a recent interview with The Quietus, Hercules head disco operator Andy Butler revealed he’s begun writing the follow-up to the NYC group’s self-titled 2008 debut and been taking on the "trance-like” qualities of ambient maestro Brian Eno.

"I’ve been working on more minimalist compositions," Butler said. "I’d say I’ve written maybe two or three songs that are informed by that tradition.

"There’s something trance-like and soft about the music. It’s almost akin to an artist like Brian Eno, a kind of ambient pop thing."

Butler went on to say fans could expect a more melodic, "easier on the ear” album than the first, which recently secured the number two position on Exclaim!’s best of 2008 Frequencies charts.

"In terms of genre, I'm pitting disco and house music against effective pop structures," he said. "It’s easier on the ear than the first record, I think it'll be a bit less dissonant, more lyrical and pretty.

"Some of the music is a little bit arty and some of it is more direct, more traditional disco, chorus-y music. But in general it’s been quite melodic."

Butler was tight-lipped, however, on whether the same cast of vocalists, which last time included Antony Hegarty, would be tapped for album number two or when fans could expect to hear any new Hercules material.

Hercules and Love Affair "You Belong"