Herbert Unveils 'Part Eight' EP, Shares New Track

Herbert Unveils 'Part Eight' EP, Shares New Track
We had an inclination that electronic producer Matthew Herbert might be continuing his string of EPs as Herbert with Part Eight, and sure enough here it is. The collection will be out on December 14 through Accidental Records.

This is his third Herbert EP this year; prior to 2014, he hadn't released a new EP in this series since the mid-'90s (over the years he's also performed under names like Doctor Rockit, Radio Boy, Mr. Vertigo, Transformer and Wishmountain).

A press release calls Part Eight the "final chapter" in the EP series, at least for the time being. Scroll past the four-song tracklist below to hear the twitchily chopped-up opening track "The Wrong Place."

Beyond that "Remember Ken" is described as "melancholy." On the B-side, "Ticket" is a "techno workout" and "Her Face" sports a "throbbing 4/4 rhythm."

The EP will be out digitally or on vinyl. A Herbert full-length album containing all-new material will be out in 2015.

Part Eight:

A1. The Wrong Place (ft. Rahel)
A2. Remember Ken (ft. Ade Omotayo)
B1. Ticket
B2. Her Face