Herbcraft Documents the "Human Psychedelic Experience" on New LP

Herbcraft Documents the "Human Psychedelic Experience" on New LP
Hot on the heels of Ryan Garbes's Sweet Hassle, Woodsist has announced the latest album to be released through its Hello Sunshine sub-label. This time it's Ashram to the Stars, the new album from Portland, ME-based experimentalist Herbcraft (aka Matt Lajoie). The seven-song collection is due out June 14.

In a press release, Matt Valentine of MV & EE offered this flowery description of what Herbcraft has to offer: "This is a heady atmosphere, an atmosphere for heads, and it not only delivers the contempo dreamlike aspect at the apex of its form, but transcends it to those revolving with them. Take this fucker for a spin."

Herbcraft's Facebook page adds that Ashram to the Stars is a "universal music and audio documentation of the human psychedelic experience."

For a taste of what this sounds like, you can listen to the trippy, nine-minute "Fleet Guru" at the bottom of this page. As for the physical release, only 500 vinyl records will be pressed in addition to a digital release.

Ashram to the Stars:

1. "Fleet Guru"
2. "Altar 2: Across the Abyss"
3. "Freak Flag"
4. "Altar 3: Birth'd"
5. "Get Esoteric"
6. "Mass"
7. "Jupiter Trine Sun"