Hentchmen Form Follows Function

Here’s another excellent lo-fi rockin' release straight from the garage (or the cellar of Hentch House, the band’s infamous Detroit practice space). There's no number one hit track on the album but that’s never been the intent of the Henchmen and it doesn’t mean they aren’t all great garage rock songs. The stand-out tunes are "Bewfrie the Dog," "Mike in the Middle," and "Cars on Film" (anybody that refers to Bullitt's Mustang is going to attract fans). The Hentchmen have been playing their fuzzed-out organ with guitar for over a decade, with experience that shows through this follow-up to their albeit better 2003 album 3 Times Infinity. Occasionally live they’ll include a saxophone and harmonica but the main feature of the album is the pared down stylings of straight ahead rock’n’roll with strong drums, raunchy guitar strumming and wild and crazed organ playing that really gives the band their unique sound. Form Follows Function is true to its name, especially in regard to high energy gems that would inspire non-stop dance parties. (Times Beach)