Help Chunklet Publish Book and Score Yourself a Fucked Up Record

Help <i>Chunklet</i> Publish Book and Score Yourself a Fucked Up Record
The smart asses at Chunklet are just about ready to drop another book that cracks wise on indie rock, but they need your help. The Indie Cred Test, a book of exams intended to evaluate just how cool your record collection is, was written collectively by the Atlanta, GA publication's staff and edited by magazine founder Henry Owings, and by all accounts should be hilarious. The tricky thing is, with publishing firms cutting back in these digital times, Chunklet is resorting to self-releasing its third tome. And that's where you come in.

In a video advertisement/plea (which you can watch here) that finds Owings unsuccessfully prostituting himself as a boy scout, the editor explains that to get The Indie Cred Test off the ground they will need the help of Chunklet fans worldwide. More specifically, a donation page has been set up at Kickstarter, which aims to raise $17,500 by October 14. If the tally isn't met the book will be shelved indefinitely. And who will be laughing then? Sadly, probably no one.

A $15 donation will nab you a copy of the book, but those feeling extra generous can make away with a host of other prizes, the most intriguing being an exclusive seven-inch from Toronto hardcore mavens Fucked Up. While it's unconfirmed what the record's tracklisting will be, it's sure to be a rager. Other premiums include Chunklet hoodies and the chance to have your name listed within the pages of The Indie Cred Test as a trustee.

We're hoping this isn't a joke, but they've also promised to show you how to shoot a machine gun.