The Helm Home

Despite its thick, crusty hardcore attack, Seattle, WA's the Helm are decidedly Zen on sophomore effort Home. One of the few times a modern band create music that's modestly retrospective and progressive at the same time, they've recognized how letting their creativity flow and wearing influences proudly results in some impressively guttural and forthright tunes. Beefy low-end clashes with tormented wails and demonic bellows on the album's ten tracks, creating an unusual sense of '90s hardcore bands such as His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy becoming entangled with some of the more progressive aspects of metal's current epic heroes. In essence, while providing the same embittered rage and incensed musicality as acts like Converge, the Helm ensure they are rooted more in the equally-enthralling and beautifully cryptic world of infinite torment and despondency than determined betterment. (Hex)