Helloween Rabbit Don't Come Easy

"Something’s growing in my pants as she looks into my eyes…” With that line I was about ready to write off the latest album by the German power metal monsters barely moments into the first track. Fortunately, Rabbit Don’t Come Easy isn’t consistently that obnoxious, but it is almost obnoxiously upbeat. Helloween pull out all their patented power metal tricks on an album titled for the work that goes on behind a magician’s seemingly effortless marvels. Full of mid-paced anthems alongside a few thrashy rockers and the obligatory slow song, all provided with a strong steady beat by guest drummer Mikkey Dee of Mötorhead, Rabbit Don’t Come Easy is more comfortably familiar than impressively innovative. There are catchy bits and overwhelmingly cheesy moments, but other than "Back Against the Wall,” there’s not much that stands out on its own. (Nuclear Blast)