Hellish Grave Hell No Longer Waits

Hellish Grave Hell No Longer Waits
Brazilian blackened thrashers Hellish Grave won't be having a crisis of identity anytime soon; these guys know exactly who they are and what they're doing. From their 2016 debut, Worship Macabre, it was clear the early days of thrash and extreme metal were at the core of their sound and image. Their followup, Hell No Longer Waits, doesn't change the formula, but nonetheless sounds much larger.
Hell No Longer Waits is sure to please even the crustiest of heshers. The bass and drums are thundering, the guitar solos are soaked in reverb, and Hellish Angelcorpse's shrieks are throat-shredding. It harkens to the heyday of extreme metal, paying homage to genre greats like Celtic Frost, while interjecting notes of black metal, à la Nifelheim and early Mayhem. There are also hints of new wave of British heavy metal acts like Iron Maiden, such as the guitar interlude on "Macabre Worship."
It's the perfect sound to get your head banging, but nothing that will break new ground. It warrants comparison to contemporary black metal band Midnight, who come from a similar stock, but craft a sound that's more there own. The music is executed flawlessly and feels natural coming from Hellish Grave, but isn't anything you haven't heard on, say, Sodom's In the Sign of Evil.
Hell No Longer Waits takes things back to 1984, when it was all about being fast and evil. It's good Bathory worship, and worth checking out if you want more of that sound, but won't replace any of the albums it pays its respects to. (Helldprod)