Hellbastard Sons of Bitches

HellbastardSons of Bitches
UK scene veterans Hellbastard have been active since 1984 and are considered hugely formative to both the crust punk and thrash genres. After disbanding in 1992, they reformed in 2008, and have maintained a prolific output ever since. Their latest EP, Sons of Bitches, is a particularly nasty offering, displaying a profound disgust for the state of the world and actively looking forward to an embattled post-apocalyptic future. Featuring four new tracks, as well as a re-recording of 1988 track "We Had Evidence," the EP is a guttural, uncompromising record that revels in its filth. "Throw de Petrol Bomb" has a distinctly ska influence, while the rest have a thicker, less nimble and dirtier approach. Three of the tracks ("System Whore," "Arcadia" and "Sons of Bitches") also appeared on their recent split with Dresden, so if you have already acquired that album, Sons of Bitches is a repetitive release. Aside from this potential catalogue overlap, Sons of Bitches is a strong and substantial EP that continues to demonstrate that Hellbastard reformed because they had more to say. (Patac)