Helen Love Radio Hits 3

Helen Love's unabashed adoration of all things from the Ramones' universe finally reached its apex when the Welsh band's front-woman (and namesake) got to have some playtime in New York with the late, great Joey, when she hopped over the pond to contribute to his posthumous solo release. Like their superheroes, Helen Love pump out the catchy pop punk that's influenced by girl-group harmonies and sly references to '50s pop gems, all resting on an underlying support web of witty jabs at pop culture and social critique (one of which railed against the state of current British music so harshly that it won them a Radio 1 ban). Unlike their shaggy haired idols, however, Helen Love tacks on an affinity for plinking and plunking around on the Casio, which leads to Bis and Kenickie comparisons. Former instalments of this now trilogy has received props and spawned covers from the likes of Ash ("Punk Boy"), and this most recent addition is just as inspiring. Hopefully, the ironically titled Radio Hits 3 will reaffirm Helen Love's deserved spot as consistent, creative and ballsy mainstays. (Damaged Goods)