Heiskell Soundtrack for an Aneurism

Enough time has passed that the Judybats are probably just a distant memory to most, and for that reason alone it seems unlikely that Jeff Heiskell’s name is going to ring many bells. But his new project, Heiskell, shows he hasn’t really changed too much musically during the interlude. Soundtrack for an Aneurism is the band’s debut recording and is notable for Heiskell’s interesting, off-kilter lyrics and not much else. The record has a slight country twang on quite a few numbers, with the remainder preferring a laidback style that can make it difficult for his lyrics to gain traction. It’s as polished an album as expected from a veteran performer like Heiskell but that also means he should know that a good record needs some songs with hooks and memorable tunes or else it will simply fade away like his previous band’s work. (Independent)