Hefner We Love The City

Take a lesson from Hefner's front-man Darren Hayman: love the city because of all of the dirty things. Hefner, now a four piece, have continued their tradition of annually writing, recording and releasing an album. And, as always, they seem to have an obsession - whether it is librarians, cigarettes and alcohol or Christian girls. We Love The City, the band's third album, reflects Hayman's latest object of desire, his hometown of London. Besides the title track, current single "The Greedy Ugly People," "The Greater London Radio" and the pièce de resistance "The Day That Thatcher Dies" (a wickedly brilliant song) all display Hayman's idea of London. He explores his love/hate relationship with the city and exposes it for what he sees it to be. As for the accompanying music, Hefner likes to keep it simple. Bass, guitars, drums and the odd keyboard/piano is mixed with Hayman's awkward and less than hunky voice, and the devilish wit he includes in his lyrics make this band the most precious thing England has produced since Morrissey was considered a god. What We Love The City offers over the previous albums is a band that is more comfortable and less shy than they were when they sang about how truly great the postal service is. (Too Pure)