Heelwalkers Heelwalkers

Halifax's the Heelwalkers play a tightly wound brand of hard rock. Their debut CD intermittently references the stoner rock terrain of Fu Manchu, along with the MC5 and metal territory of the Hellacopters. "Open Season" rattles highways with muscle-car attitude and "Shake My Ass" races with bluesy toughness. "Rockin' with Seka," "Goin' South," "Rock Bottom" and "Rattlesnake Boogie" beat down doors with fist-pounding fierceness. While "Crank it Up" offers greater pop leanings and features excellent slide guitar and horns. Much to their credit, the Heelwalkers skilfully manage to trek into a range of heavy rock areas, capably playing a variety of voluminous tunes that balance intensity with varied arrangements and styles. (Brobdingnagian)