HeCTA "the concept" (video)

HeCTA "the concept" (video)
One of the many intriguing tidbits we've recently learned about Lambchop offshoot HeCTA is that their forthcoming self-titled LP is said to borrow elements from stand-up comedy. A preview of the record's "the concept" is the proof, having spliced parts of an old Buddy Hackett routine together with dance music. These have now been paired with vintage-style animated visuals.

The video was directed by Chris Shepherd, whose zany displays were inspired by rubber hose-era cartoons from the 1930s. As you'll see down below, it finds a Hackett analogue gulping down thin pills to slim himself down for the ladies. This complements a '70s-era recording where the comic discusses the idea that "for every man, there's a woman."

Unfortunately for the animated Hackett, his plan backfires, but this fills the vid with mirth and mayhem. This is all scored by the light but driving house approach of HeCTA.

"When I was a kid, my mum wouldn't let me go out much as it was so crazy where I grew up," Shepherd said in a statement. "I used to watch a lot of old TV. I had one tape of black-and-white Popeye cartoons that I'd watch over and over. I've always been really inspired by thirties animation, as there's no rules and it's completely surreal. Real-life objects would come to life and start doing crazy stuff."

As previously reported, HeCTA's debut drops September 18 via Merge Records.