Hear the Melvins Get an Electronic Makeover on New EP

Hear the Melvins Get an Electronic Makeover on New EP
If you thought the Melvins were unusual before, wait until you hear their latest endeavour: a five-song EP made up of remixes. Yep, remixes.

As guitarist/vocalist Buzz Osborne recently stated to Exclaim! while discussing the band's latest full-length effort, The Bride Screamed Murder, the long-running group have never been about pandering to the masses or following expectations. In keeping with that attitude, their aforementioned 20th studio album, issued by Ipecac Records earlier this summer, kept fans guessing with its military-inspired beats, call-and-response vocals and general oddities.

However, things are about to get weirder with this new EP. The Melvins have taken the track "Electric Flower" from The Bride Screamed Murder and subjected it to five disparate remixes, ranging from electro to dance jams, dubstep and more.

The title? Scion A/V Remix. Why? Car manufacturer Scion is the financial backer/distributor of the EP.

Yes, that in and of itself is weird. However, it's not the first time Scion has done something like this. They've treated a number of other bands - such as house artist Roy Davis Jr. and experimental rockers Boris - to a similar experience, utilizing copies as promotional offerings, hence the Scion A/V Remix title.

For those noting that the Melvins have actually released a remix effort before, L.A. Weekly states that where last year's noise/experimental affair, Chicken Switch, featured odd restructuring of Melvins material, its cacophonous foundation was to be expected. With Scion A/V Remix, well, nobody ever expected to hear the Melvins do dance.

Scion A/V Remix will be offered on CD and twelve-inch vinyl at select events as of August 9. If you can't wait that long, check it out below or download the release here.

Scion A/V Remix: The Melvins - Electric Flower by ScionAV