Health / Various Disco

What’s the best way for a noise band to find that tricky audience with ears too sensitive for grating guitar detonations and drums explicitly erratic and hazardous? Well, rework them as a disco record, of course. Such was the game plan for L.A. noise fiends Health, who solicited the suicidal tracks from last year’s critically and hipsterly praised self-titled album to a number of different remixers. Though titled Disco, this compilation is neither a proper disco album nor a full remix album. Instead, this is a number of collaborations between Health and artists they chose for the project that lower the volume on their grating racket and up the electronic pulse. And the gamble pays off. CFCF’s version of "Triceratops” is one of the best tracks of the year, converting the droning atonal blast into an early ’80s Italian disco anthem, incorporating horror flick samples and utilising the tune-carrying vocals that are heavily blanketed in the original. Crystal Castles’ take on "Crimewave” is the most familiar of the bunch, finding joint custody on their debut, but it makes sense considering how much more it sounds like a CC original. Despite its efforts to get a cleaner bill of Health, Disco stays relatively dirty and harmful, but in a beneficial way. (Lovepump United)