Head Into the Long Weekend with 'Battleship,' 'Bernie' and 'Marley' in Our Film Roundup

Head Into the Long Weekend with 'Battleship,' 'Bernie' and 'Marley' in Our Film Roundup
Whether you're hoping to catch the latest summer hit or an under-the-radar festival film, there's a variety of movies to choose from hitting theatres this week. Take a look at Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed section to get the scoop on the best -- and worst -- titles on the big screen.

In big-budget action flicks, Battleship (pictured) offers up some intense effects (and a supporting performance from Rihanna). Directed by Peter Berg (Very Bad Things, Hancock) and using the framework of international naval war games, this is the go-to ticket for blockbuster fans.

Next, Marley, directed by Kevin MacDonald, takes an in-depth look at the life of the iconic reggae musician, while director Richard Linklater and Jack Black serve up some dark comedy in Bernie, a film based on a true story of murder in Texas. Also, Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly star in Virginia, a character-driven drama following the complicated relationship between a small-town sheriff and a schizophrenic woman.

Meanwhile, The Samaritan stars Samuel L. Jackson as a recently paroled convicted murderer and offers as much on an intellectual level as it does in thrills, and Norwegian feature-length festival favourite Turn Me On, Goddammit! explores issues of social expectation, identity and adolescence in the small Nordic town of Skoddeheimen.

And wrapping it up, Kirk Jones directs an ensemble cast in What to Expect When You're Expecting, a fictionalization of the classic parenting tome that follows a handful of couples navigating various prenatal scenarios.

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