He Who Corrupts The Smell of Money EP

This well-established brand of corporate rock has never sounded so appealing. Raging through intricate and piercing riffs, He Who Corrupts blaze by the majority of their contemporary business colleagues. The feverish pace with which they tear into your wallet is lightened up with a penchant for groove in flawlessly constructed songs. They bring back parts just enough to keep it coherent but refuse to proceed with anything other than business. Considering the EP clocks in at under eight minutes, it’s a perfect employment candidate for any CEO with a bad coke habit. Furthermore, what makes this band a completely solid investment is the captivating vocal implementation. Tommy Camero’s voice ranges from high pitched, squealing barks to growling grunts with a fundamental blueprint of originality and character. The lyrics are biting and imaginative, though this comes at the expense of making any sense. If their numerous splits and records haven’t already cemented their status as your favourite brand, the inclusion of the infamous "Master of Profits” video on the enhanced portion of the CD will change your outlook on the future of hardcore stock. (Eugenics)