Hazard/Fennesz/Biosphere Light

This EP compilation is an appetiser from three of the foremost cutting edge electronic and ambient composers, Hazard, Fennesz and Biosphere. Hazard's "Meteostat" is a heart-wrenchingly radiant piece, pulsing like the hum of a generator, yet rich in overtone. In fact, that's part of the beauty of astructural electro-acoustic music - which is that the actual sounds doesn't make the piece, as much as the overtones do, and "Meteostat" epitomises this. Fennesz is known for remixing traditional pop tunes beyond recognition, transforming them into superb abstractions. His piece, "C-Street," has a flamenco flavour to it with vigorous, rapid reverb. Who would have guessed that distortion and mangled noise could be so beautiful? Biosphere's "When I Leave" is the weakest of the three, as the beat structure and spoken word samples sound dated and streamlined compared to the previous works of sonic art. The saving grace is Biosphere's last track, "Algae & Fungi," a graceful orchestral breeze with their signature vestiges of breezy guitar chords. Light features a milestone of ambience and avant-garde electronics, and is a highly recommend listen. (Touch)