Haybaby Blood Harvest

Haybaby Blood Harvest
Haybaby are back again with Blood Harvest, featuring more sludgy, dark, emotive indie rock songs that are unsettling and inspiring all at once. Yet another stellar release by the always-innovative Tiny Engines, this EP is just another example of Haybaby's unique and inimitable talent.
Vocalist Leslie Hong's delivery is reserved and muted for the most part, lending an even more intense feeling that we are voyeurs witnessing a private moment not meant for public consumption. However, she displays just how strong her range is on "Kramer/Dreams," stretching her voice almost to breaking point while remaining in total control of her vocals.
"Joke/Rope" starts with an introduction reminiscent of many of the so-called "emo revival" bands before dropping back into familiar angular, arty territory. The aforementioned "Kramer/Dreams" is a slow burner, with Sam Yield's bass and Jeremy Duvall's drums leading the way, while "What It Is" is a sub-two-minute punk song that leans heavily on hardcore influences and showcases the breadth of Haybaby's talents. This band can write a damn good song, no matter the genre.
Blood Harvest continues Haybaby's development after their stellar debut full-length, Sleepy Kids, came out last year. If they keep growing and challenging themselves at this rate, the rewards are going to be huge. Seriously, keep an eye on this band. (Tiny Engines)