Hayaino Daisuki Headbanger's Karaoke Club Dangerous Fire

Fans of ultra-extreme grindcore are anxiously awaiting this four-song EP from Hayaino Daisuki (the name translates to "I Love Speed”). And considering the band are led by Jon Chang, who used to scream for grind legends Discordance Axis, it’s understandable. The CD doesn’t disappoint, but does provide a few surprises. First off, after the pristine sound of the last couple Discordance releases, it’s alarming to hear a Chang project with production this raw, but it suits the band just fine. Employing definite Discordance-isms (light speed pace and maniacal, animalistic screaming), the band go places Discordance never did, such as songs over the three-minute mark and melodic refrains that the band return to more than once in a song. The comparisons to Discordance will always be there but there’s melodic near-Gothen-death on "Haiiro Ikotsu Gakidou,” and "Horobit Monogatari” sounds like crossover legends the Accused on speed, particularly Chang’s outrageous — and outrageously enjoyable — vocals. Best song title: "Into the Throat of Berserk.” (Hydra Head)