Hawnay Troof to Release Two Remix Records with LP

Hawnay Troof to Release Two Remix Records with LP
Eclectic performance artist Vice Cooler works under many guises. You may know him as the mysterious front-man for noise punks XBXRX. You may also know him for his solo work. He’s perhaps best known as Hawnay Troof, the quirky, experimental electro rapper Cooler has performed as since 2003. Today marks the release of Islands of Ayle, Troof’s second album and follow-up to 2006’s Dollar And Deed.

The album is a major guest-fest, featuring contributions from members of No Age, Xiu Xiu, High Places, Erase Errata, Stereo Total and the Curtains. But that’s not all, dear buyer: a limited edition of the album also features a bonus remix disc with contributions from Lucky Dragons, the Mae Shi, the Soft Pink Truth and others.

Wait, there’s more! Troof will be releasing a second remix album on Halloween that will feature remixes submitted from you, the listener. Titled Remix Projection, the album will feature remixes of two tracks that can be downloaded here.

Islands of Ayle tracklisting:

1. "Suspension and Conclusion/ Finale”
2. "Front My Hope”
3. "Underneath the Ocean”
4. "Two Week Bruise”
5. "Zhou Zhong”
6. "Connection”
7. "Water”
8. "The Gods Are Crazy”
9. "Oblivions”
10. "Venus Venus Piper”
11. "Bizarre Triangle”
12. "Feelings”
13. "Out of Teen Revisited”

Remixes of Ayle bonus disc tracklisting:

1. "The Gods Are Crazy (Ssion Remix ft. Albert Redwine)”
2. "Because of the Teens (Eve Massacre Remix)”
3. "Jock Jam Rave Mix (The Mae Shi Remix)”
4. "Connection (Club Murder Remix)”
5. "The Gods Are Crazy (The Soft Pink Truth Remix)”
6. "Front My Hope (Hawnay Troof Remix)” 7. "Connection (Lucky Dragons Remix)”
8. "Remix Hawnay Troof (Disaster Remix)”
9. "The Gods Are Crazy (Hawnay Troof Remix)”
10. "Out of Teen (Xiu Xiu Remix)”

Hawnay Troof "Dry Hump 2002”