Hawnay Troof Dollar and Deed

This CD is obnoxious to the nth degree, distractingly low-budget, and mind-blowingly annoying. The thing is, you get the idea Vice Cooler, the fuckhead behind this "shitnanigan,” is absolutely doing it on purpose — which is fine for noise, experimental lo-fi and art band fuckery, but whoever said that they were allowed to do it to rap? With a flow that can only be described as "shitty Beastie Boy chic,” he raps in a nails-on-chalkboard nasality that will instantly produce day-long migraines about things that only a 22-year-old with a trust fund could care about. There are flashes of decent beats here, but frequently it’s just because he’s flipped someone else’s instrumental on 45 and added one thing to it. The rest of the beats though can’t be described as anything else but un-listenable. "People Talk” and "Care” are the album’s "best,” but I’m only mentioning that because Exclaim! likes it when you mention specific songs. To add insult to ear injury, there are two whole CDs that come with this case for audio abortion. (Retard Disco)