Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MCs Wid Ghatz 2 Hype 2 Wype

From Crooklyn, NY’s Wordsound Records (the hip-hop label that has exposed the world to weird, illbient sounds by the likes of Spectre, Scotty Hard and Sensational), comes their weirdest full-length yet; the Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MCs Wid Ghatz’s debut, 2 Hype 2 Wype. Those familiar with Subterranean Hitz Volume 1-3 or their dime bag ten-inch release from Black Hoodz will know what to expect from the trio of Guy Albino, Flybot Van Damn and Dook Crapmore. But, for the uninitiated, HGR is what many might consider amateurish, similar to label-mate Sensational. But, like him, HGR makes music they want to create, without compromise. And maybe that is what’s so good about them. Besides, they give humorous old school nods to hip-hop history by occasionally reinterpreting old school rhymes and introducing their large entourage of alter egos via their mock Midnight Marauders album cover. One of their alter egos, DJ Brownfinger, a “transformer,” has supposedly concocted the beats for 2 Hype, beats that sound like Scotty Hard meets the Shapeshifters. Witness the skewed (but funky) production on “Landshawk,” “Bloody Thursday” and “Fookey Nuckets.” Lyrically, HGR range from the downright silly to the outright witty, like “I’m loungin’ in my coat of arms with the hands attached” (“Hello, Don’t Be Afraid”). Sometimes they remind me of Kool Keith. Even this early I can tell 2 Hype 2Wype will be one of the best albums of the year. (Wordsound)