Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MCs Wid Ghatz 2 Hype 2 Wype

“I was eating Alpha-Bits smothered in St. Ides sauce one day and I saw some shit in there from beyond my incomprehensive,” says Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MCs Wid Ghatz head honcho Guy Albino, on how he came up with the group’s name. “Then, ta-da! I was struck by the power and the glory. Hawd!” The typical process for the trio of Albino, Dook Crapmore and Flybot Van Damn to get this “hawd” sound was, according to Albino, “Dextromethorpin Hydrobromide to the head, then wake up; what happened? Check the answering machine…” Obviously, you can throw convention out the window; anything can happen. On “Mackro,” Crapmore admits after his verse that he’s “so off beat on this [that] it’s amazing,” yet continues to use it. Why? To baffle listeners, too lazy to re-record or did they just find it funny? The Dook will only answer with the excuse, “My house arrest bracelet was sounding its alarm, so I had to get home real fast so the police would not know.” And what might get someone so “hawd,” a house arrest sentence? Try this: “The Dook has a solo album coming out with Whitney Houston and Bob Sagett as guest rappers,” Crapmore says. “I keep getting in jail when I go get them to record, though, so it might take a while.” These hilariously lying, Kool Keith-style “hawd gankstuh rappuhs” don’t just re-interpret hip-hop lyricism with their drugged-out freestyles but they also warp their stripped-down beats, thanks to the fictional DJ Brownfinger. On “Landshawk,” two beats war with each other for dominance, finally coming together 30 seconds in, and “Rollaround Like A Slob” gets outright insane with its backwards tape loops and noise. Plus, their whole extended crew of alter egos drops by to help out: Landshawk, DJ Brownfinger, DJ Jessi Dot Com, Walter aka Teacher’s Pet, Leon Sphinx, Guy Albionic and Psibot Van Damn. “HGR is a gang and I’m in it,” says Albino. “We be like 50 deep in heads attached to different torsos on the regular weekly type schedule.” And it’s no surprise that they don’t get along on record, “We love to hate us,” Flybot admits, “and it’s a good chance to get in a studio and rob the shit out of each other.” (Wordsound)