The Haverchucks Demo

The buoyant sub-genre of pop punk garnered much attention in the early '90s as Ramones worshipping acts such as Screeching Weasel, the Queers and most notoriously, Green Day reigned supreme over a third generation of adolescent punks. Hailing from Richmond, VA, the Haverchucks are a product of the aforementioned mentors, tipping their hats not only to their leather jacket clad heroes, but to Martin Starr's loveable nerd persona, Bill Haverchuck, from short-lived teen sitcom Freaks and Geeks. In true pop punk fashion, this five-song EP is loaded with catchy guitar riffs, infectious melodies and undeniably fun lyrics that shine during opening track "Jimmy's Song," the unsophisticated spite of "Allison Don't Love Me Anymore" and snot-nose anthem "My Own Way," which ends in with a culminating chant of "fuck off and die, tonight." The Haverchucks have the ability to become one of pop punk's most renowned bands and with this release under their belt while still in their infancy, we can only look forward to what a full-length will bring. (Death to False Hope)