Haterush Baptised In Fire

The name "Haterush” alone sounds like the band took two aggressive-sounding words and combined them into a "metal”-sounding title. So this band could easily be called something as stereotypical as "Punch Fury” or "Blood Buffet.” If you’re into full-on tough guy power metal (which sounds like an oxymoron) then check out this recent offering from these Swedes. One has to give props to the catchy riffs and musical talent of the band but beyond that Baptised In Fire could best be described as being baptised in stereotypes. This one’s got it all: songs about fire, dragons and chalices. Any fans of Avantasia, Edguy and the like may find something to latch onto here but Haterush are either a very well delivered farce of the tough guy metal image or an unknowing mockery of themselves. If there were a more modern version of Spinal Tap, Haterush would be candidates. Until then, this is good album for most metal fans to sit back, have a few laughs and thrust those claws in the air. (Black Mark)